What is Fertility Awareness?


Fertility Awareness Based Methods require tracking cycle days, basal body temperature, and cervical fluid observations. When you learn to observe and record these fertility signs, you will clearly see how long your cycles are, if and when you ovulate, and determine whether or not you are fertile. Fertility is a measure of health- no matter your reproductive goals. Because our fertility signs are indicators of hormone levels, healthy bodies are fertile bodies. Even if you choose not to reproduce, you should still be working toward a healthy, ovulating body.

Fertility Awareness Based Methods can be highly effective in preventing pregnancy if they are used perfectly. The Sympto-thermal Method is the most effective of all Fertility Awareness Methods, with a perfect use efficacy of 99.6%.

I teach the Sympto-thermal Method in-person and online. I also work one on one as a consultant for people who have been charting, but are having troublesome cycles or need another set of eyes to interpret their charts. Occasionally, I teach these classes in person near Olympia, WA and Troy, NY.

Keep an eye on this website for more offerings, like: Optimizing Your Cycle; Menstrual Wellness; and All About Contraceptives.

About Michele


Hi! I’m Michele (pronouns: she/her) I’m a Fertility Awareness Educator and advocate with a special interest in supporting women in their contraceptive choices. After witnessing many of my friends and family struggle to find their ideal contraceptive method, balance their hormones, or achieve pregnancy, I was inspired to empower people with knowledge about their own bodies so that they may make informed choices about their health.

I believe that fertility awareness benefits everyone uterus-owner and that body literacy is a human right. When you know your own normal, and you know that you’re normal, you can build a stronger relationship with yourself and be you best advocate. I hope that through education, people will be empowered to make the best choices for their own health.

Most importantly, I believe in the truth. In the age of information, we are inundated with inaccuracies and bias. 99% of what I teach is evidence-based. If I teach something that is not evidence-based but anecdotal, I promise to make that very clear. My mission is to teach with integrity and to make fertility awareness accessible to everyone.

I hold a Masters in Education. I have trained to facilitate The Fifth Vital Sign class, completed Conversations in Community training, certified through FEMM, and took several classes through Grace of the Moon. I’m most proud of being part of the curriculum team for the non-profit Empowerment 4 Girls and have worked extensively on the Conscious Minds Conscious Bodies intentional sexuality education program.

When I am not working to break the stigma of menstruation and educate menstruators, I enjoy riding my motorcycle, hiking with my pup, cycling, and bringing up cervical mucus as a topic of conversation at dinner parties.