Are your personal care products harming your hormones?

Painful periods? Acne? Extreme mood swings and PMS? Sub-fertility? Unable to lose weight? You might be suffering from hormonal imbalance, and your cosmetics and home cleaning supplies could be to blame.

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Yes, FEMM is biased, but Fertility Awareness isn’t: In response to “Revealed: women's fertility app is funded by anti-abortion campaigners”

A few days ago, The Guardian called out the FEMM fertility app and organization for receiving funding from anti-abortion campaigners. The article also pointed out FEMM’s criticism of birth control and used outdated and questionable statistics to support an assertion that fertility awareness is not reliable. While some of these claims are well-founded, we shouldn’t allow fertility awareness to be painted with such a broad brush. The author suggests that fertility awareness works against women’s rights by using a hidden agenda to strip them of their choices, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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If you have a uterus, Fertility Awareness will benefit you.

Yes, it’s great for people who want to get pregnant.

Yes, it’s great for people who want natural, hormone-free birth control.

But also-- it’s about taking control of your health.

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Your Cervix is Trying to Tell You Something

Our bodies are doing amazing work for us every single day. They’re providing us with feedback on our diet, our exercise, and our environments. When we learn how to listen to our bodies, we will get so much valuable insight into how to best care for ourselves. That’s right-- practicing fertility awareness by observing your cervical mucus is self-care.

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If you hate your period, your tampon might be to blame

You deserve to have products that are effective, comfortable, and safe. If you think your period could be better, read on. In this blog post, I’ll give a brief pro and con list for 6 popular alternatives to traditional pads and tampons.

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Why Fertility Awareness is the most important skill I've learned

Learning about our bodies allows us to be more comfortable in them, to appreciate them,  and ultimately, to best care for them— This is our birthright. Sadly, this is knowledge that has been lost for generations. That’s why I’m passionate about sharing fertility awareness with everyone I meet, and I’d like to share my fertility awareness journey with you.

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